Ruslan says...

“I met Lalita almost blindly. I was going through a period of a massive loss in my life that I could not comprehend or understand how to live with. I had been using many addictions to distract from constant torment that made my whole existence meaningless.  

Lalita did amazing things, I felt that I woke up to a different reality. And that I should not cover up my pain but  listen to it instead. It was transformative for me spiritually, as suddenly I saw a bridge and a saving grace in relaxing my shame around those addictions, especially around my sexuality. She made me believe and trust the wisdom of our bodies and to take care of myself — something I had been neglecting with spiraling drinking.  

It was not an instant miracle, it was a slow process of awakening and transforming. I’ve been coaching with Lalita for several years now. I no longer feel hopeless and stuck. She has given me the reward of viewing life as an exciting proposition again.

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