Alaya Yoga

Alaya yoga is the process of purposely emptying and filling the body with energy. Dissolving energy blockages, social conditioning, emotional and psychological pain, and uncertainty  to reach the place of indissolvable stillness, peace and acceptance in yourself. It is a method of embodied surrender, where we play with the paradox of being and doing.

Each session is uniquely designed to meet your specific interests and experience level. It is somewhat similar to yoga therapy. Using both movement and light touch, we’ll follow subtle sensations and insights that lead us toward a healthier mind and body. This is perfect for someone who feels disconnected from their body, is experiencing emotional pain, is interested in developing their own meditation and movement practice, or is curious about classical tantric philosophy or practices. This practice is done clothed and is non-sexual.

Each practice is unique but can include any of the following:

  • Guided yoga poses
  • Breath work and meditation,
  • Assisted stretching (similar to Thai massage)
  • Light touch (similar to craniosacral)
  • Energy work (similar to Reiki)
  • Sounding
  • Chanting
  • Movement
  • Body-wisdom inquiry

This practice is largely inspired by Lalita’s studies with Uma Inder, David Cates and Jim Gilkeson.

  • 1 hr – $150
  • 1.5hr – $200
  • 2 hr – $300

Groups of 2-4 People

  • 1.5hr – $75 per person
  • 2 hr – $150 per person

Groups of 5-10 People

  • 1.5hr – $40 per person
  • 2 hr – $65 per person

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