Beauty in Toxicity

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Unctuous soul
Bitter bones
Broken breath
The distance so great from the nature of nature and the nature of our nature
Undigested waste held in our blood, captive in our fat
Unevacuated emotion
Poison ingested over centuries accelerating the mind, the words, the stories
So sharp, so heavy
Masquerading as real, seductively “true”
Find the sound in the bottom of your voice
Down and in, down and in
Let vibration break down your resistance
Allow the vocal chords to spontaneously carry you through
Tremble with the refined voltage of your own infinite power source and look around
We find ourselves in the mud together in the forgotten layers of all that we hide so dearly
Preference and image, shadows and ancestry
Innocent and simple
Complex and perplexed
Reveal yourself, residue and all
We are as beautiful in our toxicity as we are in our precious yearning to be free

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Lalita Diaz

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