The One. The Many.

the wonder the aching awe of connection in motion chemical tendrils of afffection and harmonious humor an enlivening of the skin a widening of the eyes we meet in a resonant river in the waters of infinite possiblity let’s flow together baby are you ready to be my one to be my many?

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Wild, Open and Free

If you bow down in devotion, her rewards are infinite. if you demonstrate your healthy mind body and breath in shiva stance grounded, open, vast, seamless her veil lifts her portal ignites her passion heals and your surrender buries in her thighs with glee and delight Honor, respect Like family, a human family One which…

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Take it All

What is that conquering force That drive to dominate save one’s self one’s people one’s land Ownership claimed. Game over. Everyone fight Protect what’s yours! What’s yours? What’s yours?! You belong to you, my friend And that is where  it ends

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Desert Ritual

The Desert. Is it dead or alive? Traditionally the desert and I haven’t been friends. I prefer lush greenery, flowing rivers and the moist breath of mama ocean. But last night, I attended one of my best friend’s weddings. The wedding altar overlooked the vast and spacious landscape of Joshua Tree just as day blossomed…

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Gasping at the illusions of my own making Waves of rapturous gratitude punctuated with blindfolded terror Lost in a world of what if’s and what now’s Finding slivers of solace in fresh-start fantasies and full-bodied breaths In an endless maze of mirrors, the past reflects all around me As the present moment calls… And now,…

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Nowhere to go, but in

wondrously full and empty miraculously here and absent the mud of my stuckness is inching up my thighs what an interesting way to live, wading in thickness nowhere to go, but in so many stories I could weave to explain it but for now I just stay with it and choose to believe it is…

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Bali Magic: Shankari the Alchemist

Bali is where I go to rejuvenate. The place where my spiritual practice deepens while I’m surrounded by beloved teachers and fellow practitioners who are devoted to living authentically, in alignment with nature, and being of service to others. Ubud, a small town in Bali, is the yogi’s paradise. Organic juice delivered to your doorstep…

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I Slay

I slay all day In and on purpose Working the edges of creation Each drop, every bite Sweet succulent joy, I lick from your lips Ma’s arms so soft and wide So sensual and strong Her song plays in the wind, ripples on the water Each drop burnt to flame, the mistress of alchemy aching…

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The Everything

The everything knows what it wants It splices the frames…reeling our minds…love, fear, void, death LOVE, FEAR, VOID, DEATH frames running fast into a blur of everything so fast, so fast the beautiful blur of everything why must we slow it … why examine it … or wrap a protective story around it? each frame,…

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Taking Responsibility

When you feel the world you want to create within reach … When you sense there is something you must dive into deeper than you’ve ever dared before … And yet the story of what is missing is glaring through you with envious eyes … They warn you not to sabotage yourself … Do you…

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