Forget all the pathways that once carved your heart into separation Leave all the aching and longing to be met at the door Enter yourself fully, fill the space of who you are Remember that which you were built for: devotion and dissolution Get the fuck out of the way 2

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Wandering through my body from the inside out … joy stretches each cell, filling me to the skin. Through the pores, pours my love out in to the world of creation. Each exhales a gift of union, each inhales a return to my core. Stress and doubt hang out at the fringes, looking for a…

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Naked & Ugly

These are the things that are hardest to say. Sometimes I want a badge of honor just for being in this body. Sometimes I want to scream at the top of my lungs, “But you don’t understand … how hard it is to be this open, this loving, this sexual … in this body!” I’ve…

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Beauty in Toxicity

Unctuous soul Bitter bones Broken breath The distance so great from the nature of nature and the nature of our nature Undigested waste held in our blood, captive in our fat Unevacuated emotion Poison ingested over centuries accelerating the mind, the words, the stories So sharp, so heavy Masquerading as real, seductively “true” Find the…

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Tides of Love

The tides of love. Riding each wave of breath to its last transient foamy sand print. Letting each cell digest the the fluidity of your skin touching mine … and then delicately returning to the fullness of my own being that existed long before the sea reached the land. 0

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Parasites … fight/flight/freeze … cowards and thieves … the inherent flaw in all words … mutable mutant love … boundaries and agreements … failure … mission impossibles … the pain of hope … the addiction to fear … the last fucking stand. 0

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Door of God

The door is opening, the gate of preference, unhinging Love and hate Light and dark Gross and subtle The portal between pain and pleasure swallows me whole, dilutes and strengthens Precious alchemy of the feminine, all and nothing, absolute and incomplete The riddle with every answer and no possible explanation As my aversion eats my…

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The mystery of my longing to come home to the mystery. A loop in my heart, a steadiness in my belly. The sensation of merging deep in the root system of Mama Earth while the buoyancy of my emptiness expands far past the veil. My hands listen at the front lines of full-bodied intuition. Trust…

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Ripening into you Hugging you, I notice a surprisingly silky texture, a vibration of newness that points to the place where we are both shedding skins Shedding layers of holding and pretending … letting the tired scaffolds fall to the floor, revealing reality in its awe-inducing glory What is and what isn’t? I tiptoe quietly…

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New, trembling, raw, alive Absorbed into the ether where pain and love mate and produce a fresh nothingness The flavor of raw, global ecstatic misery birthing in my body, feeling it all Nature, its eruptions and earthquakes, its rainy tears and cultural tragedies, violent and beautiful, in me and through me And the love, it…

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