Lalita Diaz’s Year in Review: 2013

The second I titled my last year in review piece, “2012: The Most Transformative Year Yet,” I wondered if I was setting myself up for failure somehow, like maybe 2013 wouldn’t be very life changing or on the other hand, maybe I could keep the same title every year and it would still ring as…

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Lalita Diaz’s Year in Review: 2012

How does one express in writing the grandiose statement, “This was the most transformative year of my life,” without using the word amazing 25 times or sounding like a total love child? Well, it just isn’t possible. So here it goes: My 10 most AMAZING, life-altering learnings about love from 2012: 1. COMMUNITY. I want…

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Lalita Diaz’s Year in Review: 2011

Someone told me today, this first day of 2012, that I had the right to be more full of myself. That people might not know what I am capable of because I can come off as kind of quiet and unassuming. The night previous, I had dinner with some new lovers who were remarking at how confident…

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