Nothing in my life has created as much transformation as long-term, one-on-one engagements with a life coach or spiritual mentor. Nothing gives me more joy than to lead others in one-on-one transformative journeys.

I primarily work with individuals who feel a strong desire to create change in their lives — curious humans who feel ready to shed the burdens of societal and religious programming and step into their true, authentic selves.

Does This Sound Like You?
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Love Yourself Profoundly

I specialize in helping people de-compartmentalize their lives, release shame and fear, and step into deep intimacy with themselves. My passion is for you to know and love yourself profoundly. From that place, I believe anything is possible. So, that is where we begin. From there, we can address anything from health goals to business ventures to relationships, spirituality, sexuality and beyond.

Inner intimacy is your first step to sustainable happiness and profound personal growth.

Embrace The Process

This is a deep process that requires commitment. I screen all potential clients carefully to ensure that we are a good fit. I do not accept clients until I am certain that I can help.

If we are a good fit, you’ll be invited into one of the following options:

  • 3-month to 1-year coaching relationship
  • 1-day to 1-week intensive coaching retreat

The cost of these engagements depends on many factors — the value is immeasurable.

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