Embodied Magic Meditation

Imagine being guided into deep relaxation. First, we focus on having you arrive fully in your body in the present moment. Next, we establish curiosity about your partner, opening slowly to their breath and sound. Then, with guided meditation, I will lead you on a journey to explore the inner landscape of your being. Using breath, sound, visualization, inquiry and touch, you and your partner will experience new levels of  inner, interpersonal, and transpersonal intimacy.

This is an important foundational tantric meditation practice focused on deep relaxation of the nervous system. When relaxation, subtle touch, and intimacy are combined in this way, magic happens–the magic you need to evolve into your most authentic and empowered self. This practice, also called the “Belly 2 Belly” meditation was developed by David Cates who I apprenticed with in Bali for eight months.

This meditation is an immersion in sensual embodiment. It is fully-clothed and non-sexual. While beneficial to all, this practice can be particularly helpful for couples who are struggling with intimacy and communication.


  • 1.5 hr – $200
  • 2 hr – $300
  • 3 hr – $400

2 & 3 hr sessions include coaching


  • 2 hr $300
  • 3 hr $400
  • 4 hr $500

Group classes (see Events page)

A Limited-Time Gift...

Book a 2hr session, and I’ll gift you 72hrs access to the home-practice version of Relationship Magic™.

  •  Revitalize your relationships.
  •  Develop ninja communication skills.
  •  Feel loved and understood.
  •  Shower your woman with the attention and love she so desires.
  •  Love your man up in a way he can receive.
  •  Enjoy touch in a safe, sacred container, without any pressure.
  •  Learn how to share and honor your own boundaries.
  •  Spark sensual and sexy time. (More intimacy = better sex!)
  •  Feel more connected with your partner than you ever have before.
  •  Feel safe – in ways you’ve never imagined.
  •  Feel a deep sense of peace and bliss.
  •  Create a safe space to share difficult conversations.
  •  Disarm arguments quickly and with kindness,

Change Your Relationship and Your Life

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