Embodied Magic: Partnered Meditation Practice

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October 19 - 07:00 pm


April 19 - 09:30 pm

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Lalita Diaz

Website: https://www.eventbrite.com/o/lalita-diaz-10877642196


Exact address given after registration Melrose Area, Nashville, TN 37204

Nashville, TN, 37204

Imagine being guided into deep relaxation. First, we focus on having you arrive fully in your body in the present moment. Next, we establish curiosity about your partner, opening slowly to their breath and sound. Then, with guided meditation, I will lead you on a journey to explore the inner landscape of your being.

Using breath, sound, visualization, inquiry and touch, you and your partner will experience new levels of  inner, interpersonal, and transpersonal intimacy. This is an important foundational meditation practice focused on deep relaxation of the nervous system.

When relaxation, subtle touch, and intimacy are combined in this way magic happens–the magic you need to evolve into your most authentic and empowered self. This practice, also called the “Belly 2 Belly” meditation was developed by David Cates who I apprenticed with in Bali for eight months.

This meditation is an immersion in embodied intimacy.  It is fully-clothed and non-sexual. You are welcome to bring a partner to practice with, but ideally everyone rotates partners. While beneficial to all, this practice can be particularly helpful for couples who are struggling with intimacy and communication. If you are interested in private Embodied Magic Meditation sessions for individuals, couples, and small groups, please visit: http://lalitadiaz.com/embodied-magic-meditation/

***Register now and invite your friends! Event needs 6 registered participants in order to take place. Registration closes 48 hrs before each event. ***




Lalita Diaz

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