Tantra: The Power of Sound

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October 7


04:00 pm - 07:00 pm

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Lalita Diaz

Website: https://www.eventbrite.com/o/lalita-diaz-10877642196

Private Home-Address provided after registration

8th Ave South, Nashville, TN 37204

Nashville, TN, US, 37204

Sound isn’t the first thing people often think of in relation to the word Tantra, however it is the most important element of both its classical and modern practices.

Sound is vibration. Vibration is energy. When we activate our voices consciously or even breathe with an audible sigh, we start to change our body chemistry immediately. Our heart rates lower, our nervous systems relax, we can begin to feel safe and connected.

At this event, Lalita and Ajna will begin with a short talk on the theory of breath and sound in Tantra and as well a meditation to ground us. We’ll do some exercises to help you get comfortable making sound and then we’ll teach you a few tantric mantras and happy songs.

No singing experience or prowess required, just a willingness to open the voice playfully. Feel free to bring instruments if you’d like to contribute to the soundscape. Dress comfortably and get ready for a true tantric experience.



Lalita is a passionate student of life. She is dedicated to building a bridge between classical and modern Tantra, while incorporating best practices from neuroscience, integral theory, sex education and the personal growth field. She is the co-founder of Sex Positive Nashville, life coach and a skillful dakini. www.LalitaDiaz.com


Adele is a Seattle-based intimacy geek who loves providing opportunities for people to feel and connect more deeply.She offers workshops on conscious touch and communication, and has a longstanding private practice as a Sacred Intimate. Adele is also an experienced singer and loves leading song circles. She is offering private sessions in Nashville Oct 3-7. www.Belly2Belly.org




Lalita Diaz

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