Witchy Women Unite

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October 27


07:00 pm - 11:30 pm

Click to Register: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/witchy-women-unite-tickets-38805957664

Lalita Diaz

Website: https://www.eventbrite.com/o/lalita-diaz-10877642196

Calling all witchy women, priestesses, yoginis, brujas, dakinis and female-identified beings. It’s time to gather around the fire and feel it all during the witchiest time of the year.

We’ll gather at sunset in a beautiful outdoor space. (If there is rain, there is a covered porch.) We’ll lead songs and mantras around the fire. We will purify our bodies, tap into the earth and invoke our sisterhood and meditate together. We’ll release the old and bring in the new.

There will be snacks, tea, ceremonial red wine, optional cuddles and lots of fun. If you have drums, shakers, music makers, please bring them. We will also be crafting essential oil sprays, so if you have a special oil you’d like to use or share, please bring it. If you have sacred objects for the altar, please bring those as well. Water bottle and journals also encouraged.

Please dress in something that is comfortable and makes you feel beautiful. If that is sweat pants, awesome. If that is a ball gown, great. Come as you are.

We’ll wrap up around 11pm. You can leave whenever you like, but you are encouraged to stay for closing circle and you must arrive on time.

The Details

$35 early bird (Until Oct 15)

$40 regular

$60 2 person discount

One 50% off ticket for set up help, email me to inquire.

25 person max


3727 Norma Dr  Nashville, TN 37211

Last house on right of cul de sac, plenty of street parking.

Your Guides

Lalita Diaz

Lalita is a passionate student of life. She is dedicated to building a bridge between classical and modern Tantra, while incorporating best practices from polyvagal theory, integral theory, and other personal development systems. She is a life coach, dakini and co-founder of Sex Positive Nashville. Over the past ten years, she has dedicated herself to several lineages of Tantra, apprenticed with David Cates and worked closely with mentor, Daniel Schmachtenberger. She has a master’s in education from UC Berkeley and a bachelor’s in communication from UC San Diego. Lalita teaches classes and coaches students world wide. Her first book: Bold Brave Evolution: Modern Magic for Health, Love & Saving the World is set for publication in 2018. www.LalitaDiaz.com

Priestess Jonda

Jonda is a devotee and practitioner of the healing arts. Experienced in many modalities and deeply in touch with nature. She is a natural guide into the mysteries of the universe.

Questions? Lalita@LalitaDiaz.com




Lalita Diaz

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