Zegg Forum: A Community-Building, Self-Expression Communication Practice

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October 10 - 07:00 pm


April 10 - 09:30 pm

Click to Register: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/zegg-forum-a-community-building-self-expression-communication-practice-tickets-37578300709

Lalita Diaz

Website: https://www.eventbrite.com/o/lalita-diaz-10877642196


Exact address given after registration, Nashville, TN 37204

Nashville, TN, 37204

Have you been feeling bottled up? Unseen? Unheard? Overwhelmed by thoughts and emotions? Looking to connect more with your community? Need a safe space to vent or work through ideas? Here is your chance to reveal yourself and witness other’s unique perspectives. No topic is off limits. In fact, revealing the things we usually keep hidden is what is most encouraged (sex, money, power, politics) because with more transparency, comes more trust.

What is Zegg Forum? It’s a phenomenal communication tool that communities use to encourage full authentic expression and build trust. Logistically it involves us sitting in circle, while one person enters the center to express with words and movement what is most authentically alive for them in that moment. Lalita will serve as the facilitator and act as a midwife to that process, adding suggestions and support that help the participant birth their truth in a safe and fun way.

The entire circle of witnesses are essential to the process as well, they are guided to become deeply present and non-judgemental and listen for the gifts each person shares. Undoubtedly there is always something in each person’s share that will really hit home for you. There is also an optional component of providing short reflections to what was expressed. This helps each participant feel the power of being witnessed without fearing judgement or unsolicited advice.

I’ve been a part of hundreds of these circles. I am so excited to share this practice with you. It’s been profoundly transformational in my life. I find it to be cathartic, inspiring, bonding, and entertaining. It’s a great way to get to know your community and to allow yourself to be known. Remember, everything is optional…if getting up in the center of the circle scares the shit out of you, you don’t have to do it…but it might be a sign that you should! 🙂

For more information on Zegg Forum, visit: http://www.zegg.de/en/community/zegg-forum.html

***Register now and tell your friends!  Event needs 5 registered participants in order to take place. Registration closes 48 hrs before each event. ***




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