Heather says...

“My confidence has soared since I attended my sessions. The two-day immersion work was a true gift to myself, and I am so grateful to have experienced this time. Lalita thoroughly prepared for our retreat and really took time to determine the key elements that I needed prior to my arrival. She was open and so welcoming and made me feel comfortable. 

Lalita was so kind and patient with me throughout my time and guided me every step of the process. She was connected and present to help me through anything that came up along the way. My expectations were by far exceeded. I kept an open, positive mind throughout the whole process which enhanced my experience along with Lalita‘s great listening and understanding and ability to guide and nurture.

I would absolutely recommend this for anyone wanting to push past any barriers, blockages, issues, or simply if anyone just wants to further connect and learn about themselves in ways they would not imagine.

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