JuliAnne Bowen says...

“I first reached out to Lalita when my marriage was in a rough and stormy place; she’d been highly recommended to me by a dear friend. I knew that marriage counselling was not a focus of hers, but as soon as I spoke to Lalita I knew it was the right choice. My husband and I have a rather non-traditional marriage and were having a hard time finding someone to talk to who didn’t have judgments about our arrangement.

Lalita was warm, patient, open, and full of wisdom. She helped us to focus on love, respect, and unity.  Something about the zest she has for life and the amount of energy she’s invested in knowing and practicing techniques that nourish herself and those around her … something about that is extremely rare, and I really appreciate her.

A few years have passed, and I’ve chosen to keep Lalita in my “toolbox.” I’m always striving for self-improvement and identifying obstacles to remove from my path to reach the highest levels of myself.  She is quite attuned to helping with that process, reminding me to remain centered within myself and remove natural feelings of guilt, etc., that are a byproduct of my raising and which no longer serve me.  I’ve yet to speak to her when she didn’t drop a small seed somewhere in the conversation that stayed with me, grew in my consciousness, and became a source of strength.  

She’s a good balance of empathetic and firm; she listens and cares for the situations you discuss, but she also sees a way through to a better horizon and tells you to get there and how. In my mind, I always picture her as the color in a sunset that’s between pink and orange — vibrant and irreplicable.

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