Justin says...

“I have to share my experience with the world!  I went on an intensive retreat to Bali with Lalita in the spring. I’d been working with her for several years before I went, but there are almost no words to express the progress that I made in all aspects of my life, while in Bali. I  returned to the “real world” with all of the tools to stay awake, relaxed, present and positively charged.

Lalita put together a creative, fun and relaxing program that transported me (quite literally) away from my life and work back home, and allowed me to be present in the moment and practice. We spent time in meditation, group breathing sessions, Zegg forum — and of course hands-on healing sessions! Even “better, Lalita’s rich and diverse network of friends are always present for additional practice, sessions or just to commune. Though I had the ability to change anything about the itinerary, Laitila’s schedule was so full of amazing things that I never wanted to.

The best part about it is this: there’s no need to plan anything or bring anything. Lalita took care of everything — I just had to get myself there. The people, the food, the practice — all life changing. I highly recommend that you take the time out for yourself to attend a retreat. If you’re anything like me, it just may be the most powerful thing you ever do.”

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