Mallory O'Hara says...

It was a big scary leap for me, but I committed my time,energy and focus all inclusively to a six-month coaching journey with Lalita. I knew the process could be difficult, strenuous and dark because I had some major trauma to work through. My first love had committed suicide while on the phone with me when I was just a teenager.

With Lalita’s confidence in the process and practices, she intuitively gave me direction and created a safe confidence I hadn’t had before. Her sound words reassured me that I was worth committing to! That my healing journey wouldn’t be all bad, sad and hard. She reassured me that with every process there are positive and negatives to be faced. That honesty created trust. Trust in the realness and rawness and beautiful rewards that blossomed in our months together.

My experience throughout this powerful journey has educated, opened and changed me forever.

With every tool, practice, book recommendation, insight, homework assignment, coaching conversation, I’ve develop in numerous ways. I feel stronger as an individual, woman and human and have increased my skills in communication and capacity for love of both myself and others.

I’ve learned many practical tools to creating lasting flow in my life. I can now redirect my mean, negative, doubtful inner-voice toward encouraging, confident and positive thoughts. I have reconditioned old negative habits and cycles into positive healthy habits that benefit myself and others. And I really felt this constantly coming into fruition with my regular meetings with Lalita.

The healing method of intentional diving into past pain has helped me immensely. Lalita walked through the pain with me and asked questions that took me further into awareness of what caused it, allowing it to finally release its hold on me.  I never felt alone in that process and that was immensely reassuring to me.

Other practical tools she has taught were sounding and mantras linked with a daily practice that fits me. I’ve created “Mallory-Mondays” with mantras, meditation and movement. It keeps me on track and progressing. Sounding helps open my throat chakra, to release, to cry, to communicate, to breathe into and through the pain and exhale healing release.

Meditation has helped me in many ways. It’s helped me listen deeper to my inner being and inner child and notice my wants, needs and desires. It refocuses my thoughts and my breath becomes slower and more intentional. Doing guided meditation with Lalita is magical, but even more so is being able to now lead myself into those same places.

The rewards are endless. I’ve gain confidence in listening and honoring my No’s and finding my Hell Yes’s. Being a naturally indecisive person, she taught me tools to help me with decision making. I’ve been able to make more grounded decisions, find my authentic truths, and have a quicker response time with less head talk and hesitation.

Lalita also encouraged me to meditate with nature more and this has deepened my connection to Mamma Earth and to all living beings. Regular movement has helped me move literally and metaphorically through my healing process. It helped me identify emotions in my body and with that I can now recognize, honor, understand and release them. This helps keep me unstuck. “Let it go and let it flow,” is a personal mantra I created through this process.

The rewards I’ve received from doing my work and committing myself to this process with Lalita are endless. I am more aware, alive, accountable and have a deeper trust in myself. I believe in myself. I show up for myself even when it’s hard, and especially when it’s been difficult I’ve kept going and have loved myself the way I love others, yet now I know and understand the importance of loving myself full first.

To you, Lalita, I am forever in gratitude of your unconditional love, guidance and support.

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