Rituals and Rites of Passage

Rites of passage ceremonies have become somewhat of a lost art in modern times. Sure, we still have weddings and sweet sixteens, but so much of it has become rote, materialistic or devoid of deeper meeting. I’d like to change this. Rites of passage are extremely important for our psyches, culture and community. They help us transition into major life changes and create deep bonds and agreements with the people we love, including ourselves. I can work alone or in conjunction with your event planner for any of the following precious events:

  • Weddings and commitment ceremonies (I am an ordained minister/wedding officiant)
  • First moon/menstruation (or entering adulthood)
  • Welcoming a new life into the world (before, during or after birth)
  • Baby blessing for first time mothers (including henna belly & photo shoot)
  • Honoring someone’s transition into death gracefully
  • Funerals
  • Modern tantric pujas
  • Celebrations or commitments to self

Prices vary, please schedule a free consultation to discuss.

Empowered Pregnancy & Labor Coaching

You or your partner are growing a new life inside them. This divine process can bring much joy and much fear. Using the power of meditation, energy work and gentle touch, you can connect deeply with this being and begin the process of birthing long before the due date. After an initial interview, I will craft a series of sessions and practices to help address your specific fears and wishes for the pregnancy and birth, as well as conscious parenting and postpartum depression prevention. I am also available for labor coaching.

  • Initial Interview – $100
  • Pre-labor, hands-on meditation – $250/2hr
  • Pre-labor Skype/phone meditation – $200/2hr
  • Pregnancy packages begin at $500
  • Labor-coaching packages begin at $1500

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