Taking Responsibility

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When you feel the world you want to create within reach …
When you sense there is something you must dive into deeper than you’ve ever dared before …
And yet the story of what is missing is glaring through you with envious eyes … They warn you not to sabotage yourself … Do you run? Protest? Sink into sadness? Paralyze yourself with confusion?
Is there room for triumph? Is there room for failure? Do either of those exist?
Love yourself even more, they say.
Nurture the crying one, like you nurture others, they say.
Find the places where you find the delight in yourself … in your aloneness, in your unpartnered fate.
You won’t be chosen. So choose you, or lose everything.
Lose it all. Lose it spectacularly tragically.
Surrender to your creation. Create your surrender.
Some paradoxes are easier to hold than others.
Embody each extreme, and collide them in your core.
You live. You die.
You love. You lie.
Where’s the trap door in this trapped fate?

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Lalita Diaz

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