Hi, I’m Lalita Diaz

Like many human beings, I’ve grappled with depression since I was a teenager. That struggle for happiness forced me to search for answers. It’s led me on a journey through psychology, personal development and spiritual practice, and ultimately self love and acceptance.

My wisdom evolves from many years of experimentation. I’ve been a high school teacher and an education activist; I’ve been a CEO and a marketing expert. I’ve been an insecure little girl seeking comfort, a wild adolescent seeking love and a depressed woman seeking relief. Most enduringly, I’ve embodied curiosity and bravery.

I’ve lived in California, Tennessee, Mexico and Bali. I’ve traveled all over the world and into my own heart, mind and body many times over. I love to laugh and play, geek out on philosophy and technology, and indulge my senses in many delights. I’m perhaps, more than anything, a deep lover of friendship and nature.

About Lalita

Lalita is a passionate student of life. She is dedicated to building a bridge between classical and modern Tantra, while incorporating best practices from polyvagal theory, integral theory, and other personal development systems. She is a life coach, dakini and co-founder of Sex Positive Nashville. Over the past ten years, she has dedicated herself to several lineages of Tantra, apprenticed with David Cates and worked closely with mentor, Daniel Schmachtenberger. She has a masters in education from UC Berkeley and a bachelors in communication from UC San Diego. Lalita teaches classes and coaches students world wide.

Lalita's Mission

To embody deep inner intimacy; to live bravely, authentically, and vulnerably
in service
to her own self-realization; and, to inspire and guide others. She lives and thrives by continually returning to these five freedom-defining concepts:

1. Love

Deep, abiding compassion and unconditional love for self and others; conscious relating; and, total acceptance and surrender to the infinite love that FILLS, surrounds and binds us all. Expressing love: freely, humbly and fearlessly.

2. Wisdom

VALUING knowledge, both modern and ancient, scientific and spiritual, expressed in every conceivable form from writing to theater, dance to ritual, family to technology, sacred to mundane. Embodying a sustained yearning for growth, learning and evolution.

3. Service

A devotion to joyfully embodying OUR most aligned version of service and purpose to the greater whole of humanity, the universe and beyond. Honing our gifts and becoming omni-considerate of how our actions impact other people, animals and the Earth.

4. Nature

Honoring our connection to the Earth, the cosmos and everything in between. Learning to ride Mother Nature’s cycles and rhythms with ease and grace, while doing the best we can to help her thrive.

5. Adventure

Bold, brave magic. The practice of taking risks that push us beyond our growth’s edge. A place where we find EXCITEMENT in discomfort, by inviting in the new and following our intuition at all costs … whether it leads us across the globe or into OUR own hearts.

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